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Cargo Handlings
top quality, dependable,
express shipping
and execution of orders 

DOKER specializes in rendering services such as transloading, stowage, lashing including heavy
and large-sized units on ships, railway wagons, and road trucks.

The service is headquartered in Gdynia and Gdańsk, where the company has been operating for many years basing on long-standing cooperation and agreements with ports and shipyards.

Depending on the special needs of each client, DOKER leases:

- quays
- storage areas
- warehouses
- wharf cranes of capacity 3,2 tone to 150 tones
- floating cranes and others

Items worth consideration...

- our services are competitively priced and are negotiable to be attractive and suitable
to the individual needs and abilities of each client separately
- the place of service can be appointed by the client or DOKER selects the best technologically place,
- all clients' orders and services are initiated in accordance with the needs of the client. Work is performed in a prompt, competent and timely fashion, thereby completed as punctually as possible

proffessional help
and logistic consulting

DOKER'S extensive experience and contacts with transport companies
let us support our contractors with a wide range of road and see transport services.

Full orders, (consisting of several services such as road transport from production facilities to the port, loading on ships and sea transport) coordination and organization of the services for the client, entrusted to DOKER is much more convenient and makes it possible to coordinate all the aspects of the work together, thereby simplifying the process and procedure for our clients.

DOKER gladly offers professional advice and consultations.

Przedsiębiorstwo Robót Portowych DOKER Sp. z o.o. w likwidacji
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