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About the company

DOKER is a private family company. The first President and
the owner of the company was Andrzej Szczerba.

At present the President and the owner is his daughter Mrs Anna Szczerba-Boguś.
Since DOKER’s establishment in 1998, it has specialized in a wide range of cargo
handling operations also called ‘project cargo’, including: heavy lifts, general cargo, loading
and discharging machines and other steel products. We organize cargo transports on barges
and pontoons along the Wisła River and through the Bay of Gdańsk as well as road transports.

Our aim is to supply the highest quality of the service at all times, basing on managers',
workers' and dockers' experience.

DOKER is a company of over 20 years experience with a well-established position
in the field of sea - port services.

DOKER Co. Ltd. gets satisfaction from its client’s satisfaction, or to put it another way,
a client’s satisfaction is DOKER’s satisfaction.

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Przedsiębiorstwo Robót Portowych DOKER Sp. z o.o. w likwidacji
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